Lock Mode / Read Mode: Option to Prevent Unintended Editing of Rems

I request the ability to lock RemNote and also a lock button for individual rems (including power ups like Document or sidebar), like read only mode.


  • you click Lock, and you can read, search, go in and out of parent-child rems as you like, nothing you do to the rems will be saved (maybe a cat jump on your keyboard, maybe you have many other windows open and you accidentally do something that change your rems and you have no idea how many rems were affected. In those cases you can simply close RemNote and all changes are discarded).
  • When you click Unlock, you can edit the rems and it will be saved like usual.
  • There should be a save notification to indicate data has been saved (or synced)

No more accidental modifying your important rems and its structure!

Many of the disasters I have encountered thus far with RemNote can be resolved with this simple feature.

i hope that there would be a reading mode in Remnote , where we r not frustrated by clicking /editing , where we can just read and click to open the folded text …

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The Android app has a lock feature like that.

i am talking about the desktop and web app

I understand. I meaning if it’s already in the mobile app it’s probably not difficult to bring to the web and desktop if the community consider it important.

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How about this?


I’ve created my own universal descriptors in french and yes, I would love the possibility to lock their content. Once created, these have no ambitions to change at all.
Maybe a different background color when a rem ( whether document or not) is locked would be good.
I still make a lot of mistakes and have accidentally deleted some of these UD’s, which is annoying.
Moreover, when using portals, it would prevent the user from changing the contents of a rem if this is not what he/she wants.
Of course, the option of unlocking the content should be offered at any attempt to change the locked rem.
Thank you for this great product.

Ok I’ll try the readonly option.
Many thanks


I’m researching the exact problems with the editor and why some users want a lock/read mode. It would help me a lot if you could answer the following questions:

  1. When do you need the lock mode?
  2. What device are you exploring the issues on?
  3. What are you trying to accomplish when you feel the lock mode would have helped you?
  4. In which exact situations or actions do you need the lock mode? (and what were you doing or trying to do?)
  5. Anything else that helps me to understand your problem?

Lastly, it would help if you could take a few minutes to record a video of your problem and send it to me here. (You can learn about recording your screen here).

cc @RemNoteUserName @Axiom @mka @vincenzo7472 @julia.lima

(I also asked on the feedback portal if you prefer replying there).


Thanks for listening to us…
we need lock mode to prevent accidental edits.
accidental edits can happen while reading the content like medical subjects when we actually don’t have any intention to edit. it may result in loss of information or typing unnecessary text.
when reading mode/lock mode is turned on, keyboard does not pop up giving all the screen available to view and read the content.
lock mode is required when we are just reading the previously typed/pasted text.
android mobiles kept in pockets may sometimes result in accidental edits.
kids when playing on phone may unintentionally delete the information in remnote.
after all the main intention behind the remnote app is learnig the right information.
Keyboard popping up while reading is annoying.
lock mode was previously available on android remnote app but it was removed after the recent update.
we are requesting you to bring it back.
Thank you Moritz

Hi, it’s Pomodoro

  1. I need the lock mode especially when I am studying my flashcards on my phone. Its so annoying when I am scrolling through the screen it suddenly opens up the keyboard tab or edit the positions of the rems. It makes things very messy.

  2. Currently I am using a android phone. I remember way before the big update I was alreading using Remnote back in September 2021. The interface was smoother as there was already a lock screen install for notes scrolling.

  3. The interface should be smooth, allowing to me scroll up and down freely without having the fear that I would change my rems. This can allow me to navigate from rem to rem much quicker and easily.

  4. I mainly need this lock mode when I am scrolling through my notes or practicing my flashcards. Since I don’t edit my rems on my phone, it’s better if there was a lock mode as I would only be using my phone for rem viewing.

  5. A lock mode has been added before last year when Remnote was just released. Could really use something like that.

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I need the lock mode as well because it’s very annoying when you’re scrolling (in your phone) it suddenly opens up the keyboard.

Seriously need a lock mode. It’s sooo annoying.

I use rem note on Windows, Android, and on iOS (Chrome browser).

In Windows it is easy to aim, but
when using mobile devises, clicking the screen constantly makes the keyboard pop up unless you have perfect aim.

Especially when I want to click on the drop down button to open nested items.

One of the first things I tried was searching if I could increase the font size in hopes that it would make the drop down button bigger. Can’t change font size.

I want to open nested items, move their positions, without opening keyboard.

Please post all feature requests on the feedback platform. This particular request already exists there.