Long cards not shown completely when reviewing on mobile web version

When reviewing the long flashcards in mobile web version, not all the content can be shown when the answer is revealed, when I tried to scroll down to see the rest of the content, it assumed that I have clicked the “immediately recalled” button. Please fix this bug as soon as possible, thank you!

I’m using an iPhone and using both safari and chrome I have the issue that I am unable to scroll through large answers. Whenever I try to scroll I inadvertently deem the answers as good or bad because they are swipe actions up and down. How can I disable those swipe actions and/or be able to scroll through larger answers?


same problem! - help much appreciated

I have the same problem in the android app version

I think It has been fixed on some recent updates
Make sure you are using RemNote 1.5 on a mobile device

Hi, I’ve recently started using remote flash card, however when my answer to the flash card is around >5 bullet points it counts it out, so I’m just wondering if there’s a scroll bottom to it without removing the flash card when you swipe down or up?

Many thanks

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same problem here :<

Same issue. It’s very limiting as I can’t use the app on my phone or iPad. Especially for answers that use the /code feature!

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Still a major issue, renders the mobile platform useless

Yup this problem makes it useless on mobile and is extremely annoying.