Long scheduling intervals

New user to RemNote.

I am using the default scheduler.

I have a card with the following history:

It is giving me the following answer intervals:

Screenshot 2021-05-04 090900

These seem too long to me. Am I doing something wrong?

@hugo @anisha @88DM88 any thoughts regarding this, as you guys were having a discussion similar to this elsewhere?

Yeah those are definitely wrong intervals.
The meta data as well looks wrong to me because the smallest interval of the default scheduler is 24 hours.

I‘ve personally never run into this issue before because I don‘t use the default scheduler but I can make some guesses as to why this is happening: Did you use the anki scheduler during your pro trial? Maybe that somehow messes up the scheduler once your trial is over

Yes. I did have the anki scheduler on for some reviews, and then switched back to default. (I did upgrade to pro before the trial ran out, so it wasn’t forced back to the default).