Looking for an Evergreen or Zettelkasten Workflow

Hello everyone

I am a suscriber pro on remnote (also registered on Roam research)

I would like to get your advice on how to build a Zettelkasten or Evergreeen Notes system on Remnote.

I have seen quite a few videos and also read How to Take Smart notes but I would like to have some concrete sources on how you apply this system on Remnote.

Currently I run a business in chemical formulation and I am a perpetual learner, I would like to connect my ideas in chemistry, computer science, biochemistry and programming. My main sources are big academic books, research topics, everyday business at customers and in the company, WEB articles, specialized journal articles, computer science side projects.

My goal is to connect little by little without much effort the ideas in each passion while taking advantage of the space repetition features of remnote to have a more complete knowledge of the subjects and to be able to develop processes that take advantage of the bridges between these disciplines.

Currently, as most of my sources are large books (500 to 1000 pages), I take notes from the books but the whole remains isolated.

Please share any video or workflows sources that can help me