Losing huge chunk of Rems after update

Something really weird happened to me.

I was working on some really long nested rems. Under rem A, there were 20 rems. By pressing backspace, I accidentally deleted them. so I pressed Ctrl Z to recover them.

Then I worked on rem B, and rem C and their children rems, for like an hour.

Then there was the update notification something about refresh to sync. I closed RemNote desktop app, opened again, the notification was still there. So I ignored it and continued working.

Then there was the update notification for the app from Windows.
Before I closed the app to update, I looked to make sure that rem A, B, C and their children were still there, and I didn’t accidentally delete anything.

I closed the app, opened again, a bunch of untitled top level rems showed up. 4 of them were recent, rest were from months ago.
I looked into the document I was working on:
20 rems under rem A simply disappeared. But rem B and rem C and their children (which were created later) were still there.

4 of the untitled top level rems were tagged “#Orphan”, and their content are parts of the content of the disappeared rems. I have no idea how or when these “orphan” rems were created, I am not sure if they are related to the 20 disappeared rems, or they are simply created during editing. It’s kinda insane that by simply typing, deleting with backspace, moving rems between documents, unknown rems can be created and data can be lost (though not always).

The first thing I did was looking in the Trash, there was a portal that contained the 20 rems and more. So I pressed recovered, and it messed up all the rem A, B, C and their children. So I pressed ctrl Z again, and those rems disappeared for good. Not even in Trash.

I have had similar issues with ctrl Z, ctrl Y leading to permanent loss of data, the thing is I am not even sure if this is related to that, or it’s some other bug.

It’s all because of the save mechanism of RemNote I have no idea how to preserve my data. Imagine not losing the data you just entered but the data you typed in hours ago. I am not gonna export my entire knowledge base every 2 minutes.

Can you email us at support@remnote.io with these details please?

hey @RemNoteUserName, kindly let us know if this issue was solved, so that we close the thread :slight_smile:

Yes you can close this. Those rems are lost. I just rewrote everything and moved on lol

Really sorry to hear you lost your data, has this happened anymore since then?

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No, as far as I can tell.

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that’s good news :slight_smile: kindly let us know immediately if you face any such problem in the future, data is valuable and we are working hard to make sure no one loses it.

I am closing this discussion for now. Have a great day!