Lower sidebar documents are overwhelming after importing from roam

I imported a lot of documents from roam,
and i dont have the time and energy to mark each of them as done, in the pre update app i could just minimise this lower section and ignore the feature - but i dont see that in the new app and hence the feature becomes useless to me just taking up space and is annoying.

Allow to mark all documents as complete

You can try to select all documents and set them as Finished

Hey, This only changes the status of the one document on which my cursor is on - both on desktop app and web browser for me,

DOes it work differently on your end?

Oh… It does not work with me too…

that’s a good catch, we will fix this thank you!

If you are not looking to use these on the sidebar, then you can choose not to see drafts at all.
Maybe just the pinned documents will do the job for you?

It will be good to use the feature but i havent ever been able to experience the drafts to see how useful i find them.
I believe this is an import problem for any user moving into remnotes and it will help to fix it