Making Rems in Farsi language

Hello everyone,

I write in the Farsi language. When I write :: all of my Rems turn into concepts, but I want them to be descriptors. What should I do to make only descriptor Rems? Also, I only want to study Rems in forward.


Hello and welcome to the community!
Rems become concepts when they:

  1. Start with a capital letter (e.g. Country:: ) and
  2. Are followed by the :: delimiter

The only difference between concepts and descriptors, in format, is that descriptors begin in lowercase, as opposed to concepts. For example, population::

As for the direction of cards, Descriptor (and Question) cards have a default Forward direction, so if you prefer this, you most likely will not have to make any manual changes to card direction.
Concept cards, on the other hand, have a default Both direction.

Thank you so much Anisha,

Unfortunately that difference does not work in my native language. Is there any way to to make a descriptor rem whenever I tap Enter?

One more thing, whenever I want to tap on the 3-dots button, it fades away. what is wrong?