Malformed PDF - Sync Issue

I have been receiving this error a TON since using the PDF feature to annotate readings for school. It happens on the machine I did not upload the PDF to and typically requires I force sync the knowledge base on one or both machines to fix. Seems like the sync algorithm could use some adjustments for PDFs.

In this case, after I force synced the machine I did not upload the file on it worked. However, the rest of my materials did sync suggesting that the normal auto-sync just is not catching these PDFs.

@Team could anyone comment on if this is a known bug? I am about to start using this feature heavily in a few weeks so would like to see if there is something on my end I can do to fix it. It is very consistent and the fix every time is to force sync manually to load the PDF. Just quite irritating.

Can you open the pdf on this path?

Thanks for the reply @TaQuangKhoi

Here is what I just did:

Two computers, remnote closed on both.

Computer 1:

  • Open remnote
  • New rem
  • Add PDF as source
  • Close remnote

Computer 2:

  • Open remnote
  • New rem show up
  • PDF Err - Malformed
  • PDF Is not in C:/Users/me/remnote/…
  • Force sync
  • PDF shows up in both remnote and directory

On Computer 1: Before you close RemNote, Could you open this pdf on RemNote?

Yes I could

It appears that the sync from client to server is fine but not for server to client. In that case, it is sync’s the rem but not the attachments.