March 2021 Update RemNote v1.3

RemNote V1.3 is now LIVE :rocket:

What’s New?

Suspend Cards Power Up
RemNote Help Database
RemNote Beta Server
TONS of bug fixes and improvements
UI/UX Changes
and more!

For the entire update log, visit → RemNote

Thanks Rem Community!!


Which bugs did you find? Mine is fine so far

I am kinda disappointed that the Beta server is available only for lifelong subscription users. Seems like a strange decision to offer a (probably) buggy version of Remnote only to people that paid you 300 $. It sadly seems that you guys are more interested in finances of your company than in development of new features. I know that my post sounds pessimistic but I’ve lost the feeling that i had when Remnote was in early stages and both community and Remnote staff listened to each other and really cooperated in process of development.
I didn’t mean to offend anybody. I’m just expressing my thoughts about where is Remnote going. For me it’s just not the way I expected from You in the begining.


Mac version not yet updated?


Folder indents in sidebar are still not fixed. It is a mess.
Note: Seems fixed now. (1 hr later)

I have a problem with Mac version

happened while i opened the app and whenever i try to select a document from sidebar

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You make a great point especially after this 1.3 release and all of its issues, one in particular, sync!

If you had more people on the beta server that problem would’ve been caught before pushing it to prd.

I’m scared to put more data in remnote after I lost access to what was in it for hours.


For better clarity:

  • The previous update was not tested using the beta server, hence the bugs.
  • The Beta Server is there because we want a really tight knit group of supporters who are willing to stress test releases, before we send out the stable Public Version.
  • We are starting with the Lifelong Learners, but are definitely not restricting to them.
  • Once we have the space organised for proper feedback, and also when we can handle feedback from a bigger subset , we will be opening it up for general users who can apply via a short application process, to take part in this program.
  • The reason why we can’t have the gates opened for everyone is because it wouldn’t help us achieve the primary intention. This is more of a responsibility from the users, rather than a privilege?
  • It’s easier to establish trust, connection and a workflow with a smaller group and then to scale up from there Vs. being overwhelmed from countless feedbacks from everyone.
  • We need people who can work together as a group, submit high quality reports that will help us squash bugs easier. Quality > quantity of feedback.
  • We did anticipate that there would be other motivated users who are capable and willing to provide support with this, and we will be happy to engage with them through the short interview process to have them onboard (soon)

For now, the beta server will be accessible to all the LLLs + Community Leaders (Moderators + Mentors). Once we have a better workflow established, we will be happy to have everyone who is willing to contribute.

I am sorry you feel that way, but this is the industry norm? (check Obsidian for example). It’s a way to show our gratitude to our biggest and early supporters by allowing them to have more direct contact with us and our early builds. Not that non-paying members haven’t supported us, most of our community support since the early days has been through non-monetary ways and we want to honour them as well. We will soon be able to add more of you to the beta group. I hope you understand the difficulty in allowing too many people all at once.
We are already overwhelmed by the countless bug reports, on the forum and the GitHub. The bug channel on the forum alone took us a week to clean out and streamline, more than 50% were duplicates, and much more were vaguely described that they could not be used to replicate the bug at all. The GitHub is much worse.
We really want to make the app more robust and feature rich, but being a very small team (@Martin has been the only engineer until now - we have started to get some part time help recently, and in the process of hiring full time engineers), it’s quite difficult and we are doing our best to provide better service to our users.

The main reason why there has been a connection loss between the users and the RemNote Team is the overwhelming amount of feedback. Not saying we don’t want feedback, it’s actually our fault that we didn’t have a more effective structure in place to make sure all the feedback was useful. The current GitHub issue count stands at 450+, which again a single dev has to go through + reproduce the bugs himself (>50-60 % are either duplicates/don’t have enough information/ working as intended/ already fixed) and hence the voice of the users get lost in the noise.

For example :

This kind of ranting here, only adds on to the noise and makes it difficult for the already small team to get things done. This feedback would’ve been more beneficial if submitted as a properly documented bug report, after searching through the channel for any existing similar report.

To resolve these issues:

  1. We have cleaned up the entire bug discussions category on the forum and all duplicates and solved bugs have been closed - returning all votes and keeping the section very clean.
  2. We will do the same for GitHub.This is the main problem the Dev team is facing, overwhelmed by these reports and hence not able to prioritise.
  3. Allow users to make reports only on the forum, where we can rely on the support from the @moderators team to regularly address all feedbacks, consolidate them, get more info from user, reproduce the bug and then make high quality reports on GitHub.
  4. Restrict access to GitHub reporting - only team + staff + regular users who have been contributing high quality reports. This will make sure that GitHub is very clean and devs can spend more time fixing the priority bugs, rather than going through the noise
  5. Additionally to reduce the possibility of new bugs showing up, we have set up a Beta Server, which will act as our testing stage along with a closed group of trusted users who are willing to contribute in ways that actually help the team get things done faster.
  6. We will then address the feature requests channel - clean it up, organise it and reflect on it based on our internal roadmap and give more visibility for all users to understand where we are going.

We are still committed to providing the best possible product and service to our user community, just as before. But we need more hands on board to grow and scale, and thank you for the support (monetary or otherwise) which has now enabled us to look for experienced full time developers.


Thanks @Karthikk for your broad explanation.

If Remnote doesn’t want any “low quality” feedback from users, why not just close bug discussion forum?
I personally had a vision that every bug report helps (the one you quoted was not the only one), but if you guys have such problems with it maybe just close it and focus on “high quality” bug reports.

I think the price of the supporter tier on obsidian is 50$ one-time payment not 300 $? (I know that for some of you guys 300$ is not much, but for me difference between 50 and 300$ is significant). That’s not the point tho.

I didn’t mean to “rant”, but if thats your perception, ok. Next time I’ll just restrain myself.

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I never implied that we don’t want people submitting bug reports that aren’t high quality, and that’s not what we expect either. I was merely stating that the noise created by too many duplicate, not so easily reproducible reports, scattered all over the platforms is the reason why the team hasn’t been able to respond to everyone lately.

Additionally all the steps that we are currently undertaking are to ensure :

  1. Users can keep reporting the way they are comfortable with
  2. We will make sure to get all the necessary information required in order to make the bug reproducible and then submit it to the GitHub tracker, for them
  3. This way it’s a win-win for everyone?

Yes this is definitely not the point, I was implying that it’s only practice to prioritise such access for users who have opted for the highest tier, first. Like I said earlier, we are definitely looking forward to bring onboard other enthusiastic users as well. Before making it open for all/ anyone can apply, we are right now consolidating the list of users who have consistently supported us with regards to bug reports. We will be requesting users from that list to consider joining the program, so that they may continue supporting us with their feedback (if they wish to). Once we have established and made sure feedbacks from all these groups are well received and acted upon, we will then be in a position to allow more users who are motivated.

Yap! Uprated and updated …a great study tool just Better!

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@Karthikk thanks for more transparency into the beta, how the issues were not related to the beta server, and some of your thoughts on how you’re moving forward with access to the beta server.

As a customer and user, it’s all about trust on multiple levels. Transparency and product stability help build & keep trust. Looks like you’re better positioning yourself to provide a better product. Keep it up. :+1:

I understand Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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Appreciate your feedback :slight_smile: I believe in building trust with the users heavily as well, without trust a community can’t exist and thank you for reassuring my direction. I hope we can have all you motivated users on the beta server soon.