Menu Missing in Split Screen

In split screen mode I can’t get to the “3 dot” menu that is usually to the left of the rem (for the top level rem), as indicated at the cursor position:


Normally (for children and in single pane) I can see the 3 dot menu (again, see at the cursor position):


This in inconvenient. To take an example, I have to turn off split pane to get a portal link, then I’ve lost the spot where I want to put the portal link that I had up in the pane I just closed.

Is there something simple I’m missing here (I’m trying to avoid putting in bug report or feature request until I know the problem isn’t my own ignorance)?


Interesting Observation. For any rem which has descendants, if the rem is the child of the document that is currently open, the three dot menu button is replaced with the arrow, regardless of panes. I noticed this some time ago, but it’s not a “bug”. It’s expected behaviour. You could file a feature request though. But I find the three dot menu redundant when you can use slash commands… Whilst Undo and Redo have keyboard shortcuts, and there are formatting buttons down below…

I think this is a problem of lack of space. The same happens in general with a narrow window and the sidebar visible

here is with the sidebar open, and the mouse over the concept “Kref”

Sorry, for the limitation of new user I could only post one media file

here is in the same conditions above, but without the sidebar

Could you do a post in github? or do you want me to do it for you? Do tag me as @spondon so that I know.


Acknowledged. Thanks @clobrano! :grin:

hey @clobrano thanks for the report! Yes you are right this is a UI issue due to space inconsistencies. We hope to fix all these issues with the new design revamp, that is ongoing.

You actually opened the original issue for this problem :smiley:

:rocket: :blue_heart:

In the meantime here is a Custom CSS hotfix:

#document {
  padding-left: 40px;
  width: calc(100% - 70px);

Thanks for this quick-fix :slight_smile: