Merge / merging 2 Rems into 1 in View Graph

Hi dear Remnote Team,

hope u guys are well :slight_smile:

firstly, thanks for your great app

secondly, what is according you the best practise to merging 2 rems into one, likewise you have a 2 classes which has the same attributes, objects, methods or subclasses

and whats the best practice to screen it into the view graph?

thanks for response

Just merge using /me and pick which back (if there is one) to keep. All children will be automatically merged.

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many many thanks @UMNiK, it works immediatly

do you know its possible to keep the rem but inherit the attributes of the one rem into another without deleting

for example


  • attr1
  • attr2

and rem2 has the same attributes, but once more


  • attr1
  • attr2
  • attr A
  • attr B

so my question is, can inherit the attributes of rem1 into rem2 and extended it with other attributes?

thanks for repsonse

That should be the default behaviour - all children are merged, so you might have duplicates of attr1 and attr2, but the result will definitely have attrA and attrB as well. In case that doesn’t happen, undo using ctrl+z and report the bug using the “Report Bugs” button accessible from the ? button in the lower right of the app.