"Message" tag ruins "Edit later" page

I’d like to request some assistance with the Edit Later feature. I have tried searching the posts and queries but I cannot find an answer.

I feel like I have done something that has ruined the Edit Later feature. When I click on Edit Later in the menu, I get almost a whole page of RemNote “features” that make my brain fritz out. (See image below).

I find the “Message” tag functionality messy, unintuitive, and redundant. How do I turn it off?
I just want to be able to tag Rems as “Edit Later” and just have only those items in the list. Instead, I get a wall of tags within tags that I can’t delete because they’re “power Rems”!?!?

More generally, my feedback on RemNote is that every time I come back to try using it again, I hit a wall of “features” like this that make using RemNote incredibly frustrating.

These are simply the options of text messages to add to the rem tagged as “Edit Later”, presented when you hit “Edit Later” in Queue. You may delete everything below Message or change to other text strings you would prefer. Worth noting that this particular feature is several years old at this point, so if you’re suddenly having it behave unexpectedly, please report a bug using the “Report Bugs” button accessible from the ? button in the lower right of the app.