Mobile Bottom Bar Getting Covered in Safari

I’m loving the new 1.4 update so far.

Mobile actually seems pretty good, but I’m having one problem: the bottom bar with all the quick access buttons doesn’t sit on top of the bottom menus in Safari on the iPhone. I see it on the bottom of the screen, but when I go to type it gets covered up.

Once in a blue moon it will work, but 98% of the time it doesn’t. If this can work better I’m golden.


Also, are you able to properly scroll multi line rem cards while viewing flashcards?

I am facing the exact problem. Flash cards are only reason why I didn’t switched to Obsidian but seeing these bugs is really frustrating.I want to be loyal remnote user and I am introducing to my friends.

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Also, the lock button is not working :frowning:

I’m sure this is just 1.4 bugs and I’m confident they will be fixed, it’s just annoying.