Mobile Widget - Add to Thought Queue

With the hundreds of thoughts we have on a daily basis—whether they be actionable as tasks, or non-actionable as reflections, ideas, connections—we don’t always want to validate, to clarify, to elaborate, to categorise them immediately. So offloading them somewhere allows us to process them later.

In RemNote, we have the “Thought Queue” functionality. The Thought Queue provides us a buffer between our mind and our knowledge base. On mobile, there’s the concept of widgets. I’ve identified two broad types: quick access input, and quick reference. It would be very helpful if we had a quick access widget to type our thoughts directly into our Thought Queue, skipping the intermediary steps of opening and/or navigating to it.

The workflow: have a thought > open mobile > click widget and type > done


  • saves time and effort
  • helps keeps you focused in your current context

Originally requested by @Malte:

“ An android widget that allows you to add something to your thought queue directly from the home screen.”

it’s about time to!

this would be very helpful

I have voted in favour. This would be a game changer

Absolutly necesary! Would be essentail for me!

Please post all feature requests on the feedback platform. This particular request already exists there.