More easily crash issue after V1.5

After updating to V1.5, now V1.51 beta, both browser or desktop are very easy to crash. Like I type several words, change them to concept by shortcut key, add some tags, then it crashed in 1 mins. You have to force quit and restart. I record a video.

Does anyone have same issue with me?

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same here. this update is soooooo dumb
they shouldn’t call this an update
it’s just a bunch of bugs :exploding_head:
I’m using it on my ipad, and i think my situation is worse
i cant use the flashcards on remnote right now (next week is my finals)
so i tried to export it to anki
but thats not working too
also when i press tab or untab
i have to click the rem once again to type

i cant believe they’re getting paid for this program;;

Sorry for hearing that. The V1.51 beta update should solve the Anki export issue. I just see from change log, not try by myself. Maybe you can try exporting to Anki by beta server.

Maybe they should test more on beta server before going public, which can provide an alternative to go back version incase some emergency like nearing test.

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Sorry to hear that. This kind of crash never happens to me.

Maybe I am using the app in a wrong way. :grinning:
It is good to not have these crash issues. Literally I can not use the app now. I only can type words now. Anything connect to searching in the app will cause freeze, and it won’t recover until force quitting and restarting.

I would be furious if I ran into any of problems that you mentioned here. All these problems would cause me not being able to complete my workflow. I feel so sorry that happened to you.