More Formatting Options for PDF Highlights

I use the PDF highlight function to pin images for flashcards, but when I go back to the original document, the highlighted image is obscured by the highlight selection colour. It would be great if we could change the automatic highlight colour setting from yellow to see-through so that this doesn’t happen each time. Maybe it is possible and I don’t know how? Thanks!

We had briefly explored this, but worried that it became hard to notice your highlights while skimming - we can look again at enabling this either via a customizable default, custom CSS, or changing the behavior of the “white highlight” button.


I think the solution would be to allow to highlight with a rectangular transparent shape with coloured borders.

If the borders are of good contrasting colour and not too thin, there is no way of missing it.

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Thanks for the replies!

I definitely agree that having a visible indicator of where the highlight is in the PDF is important and love the suggestion to have bolded borders with a transparent shape.

Another suggestion would be to model off of what Adobe does with PDF notes annotations where there’s a small ‘note’ icon where the note is that then expands open when clicked! Could be achieved with the existing ‘pin’ icon!