More powerful flashcards

Some things I’m like to improve the queue:

  1. Easily be able to dismiss it (IDK why this always confuses me)
  2. The ability to create a filtered deck from the main deck - if you have an exam coming up you just want to be able to see those cards ( which I get you can do that by the document but it would be nicer to filter #Anatomy final and any card or document tagged with that go into a review deck)
  3. The ability to show more or less context in the flashcard ( I probably haven’t played with the software enough)
  4. The ability to add photos to the back of the Flashcard I probably haven’t played with the software enough)
  5. The ability to click into the document from the queue
  1. You can Filter #anatomy with Search Portal
    then expand all rems

  2. You can use #extra card detail to do that
    or You can paste the image directly in the back of Flashcard

  3. You can use Peek at Document feature
    Turn on in Settings → Labs →

    Use it in Queue =>

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