Move a rem to a new parent rem using a portal

If I use a search portal using ‘Ctrl+S’ and don’t find a suitable rem, I would create a new rem by holding ‘Ctrl+Enter’.

But, how do I move a rem to a new parent rem that has not been created before?
I think we had this feature in the older version…please make ‘Ctrl + Enter’ the hotkey again to be able to create a parent rem.

As of Now, I am using the following workaround -
Ctrl + AA (to select the rem) => Ctrl + C/X (Copy/Paste) => Ctrl + P (Search a new rem to open) => Create a new parent rem On-The-Go using Ctrl + Enter => Ctrl + V (Paste the child rem)

Please fix it asap
Please make ‘Ctrl + Shift + M’ work like ‘Ctrl + S’ or 'Ctrl + P’