"Move Rem" no longer leaves a portal

Before the 1.4 update, using “/move” (CMD + SHIFT + M) used to move the Rem to whatever parent you select, and would leave behind a portal in its original place.

Now it appears to not do this anymore? Instead it moves the Rem, and leaves nothing behind in its place.

I’ve mentioned this in a thread in the Feature Requests subforum, but I think this is actually a bug and not a new feature request.

I was actually seeing your video on youtube and realized it doesn’t work…I didn’t find a way to do this with version 1.4

I’m not certain it’s a bug, but maybe a new keyboard shortcut should be added to implement the original expected behavior

Adding a new keyboard shortcut would allow for both behaviors to function, giving the user more flexibility to accomplish what’s necessary for their workflow

HA! I came here to complain about exactly the opposite situation!

When I move something, I almost never want to leave a portal behind.

What’s frustrated me is that the most convenient option – CMD-Shift-M – does create a portal (which I don’t want), whereas the less convenient right-click Move option doesn’t create a portal.

It sounds like we all want consistency here :slight_smile: Since it seems folks are split on wanting vs. not wanting portals on move, could y’all devs please EITHER…
A) Make this an option in settings
B) Make separate keyboard shortcuts?



Thanks! You found a solution to my problem. So “Move rem” from the right-click it’s equivalent to copy-paste move, while
CTRL-Shift-M is the change parent move that leaves a portal behind.
…AND they both crash on Firefox…awesome


@ThatAdamGuy , thanks you’re right CMD + OPTION + M does create a portal for me.

Pt1. However, I’ve now noticed the portal it leaves behind is buggy. Sometimes it will have a dropdown arrow so I can toggle expand the details inside the Rem Portal, but the majority of the time, it leaves behind a portal with no toggle/dropdown arrow. This is super frustrating!

To provide an example, I just moved this parent Rem “Polynomial Regression”, to a different place utilising CMD+OPTION+M. Below is a picture of where it was moved from, and as you can see it has this blue left margin indicating it is a portal, but there is no arrow for me to expand the contents of this rem!

Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 21.18.31

Pt.2 in next comment because I’m only allowed to embed 1 image per post apparently! :open_mouth:

Pt2. What I believe it should look like is this:

As you can see, there is a toggle/dropdown arrow that I have pressed, and it has expanded the sub-bullet points of the Rem Portal for “Ridge Regression” (another Rem that I had moved using CMD+OPTION+M.)