Multiple-choice flashcards

Would love to see a feature where we can add multiple choice flashcards.

Front of the card:
The most important organ is:
A) Brain
B) Heart
C) Liver
D) Kidneys

Back of the card:
A) Brain

Perhaps you could do it with a shortcut " ::A) ," similar to how " ::1. " brings up a sequential list.

I guess this could be implemented fairly easy. However I would consider it bad practice to study material using multiple-choice.

Here is why:
Multiple-choice already provides you with the answer. You just have to passively choose it. The learning and the consolidation of the knowledge will be much more effective if you have to actively recall it.

For your example you could simply ask “Which is the most important organ?” Or, if you want to remember all of them, make it a list: “Name the four most important organs”. This sounds like it is more work, but you have to type it anyway for making a multiple choice card. And thinking about your content while creating cards goes a long way towards remembering it.

Additionally, multiple-choice creates a rigid framework, which is hard to escape. Meaning it is not likely you will be able to use the knowledge again, beyond this specific question. Let alone know the answer if no choices are given.

Even if you are studying for a multiple-choice test you are probably better off not using multiple-choice as a learning method. What if they mix up the questions, and your answers do not fit anymore? Often, the same information gets quizzed in multiple questions. So instead of copying three multiple choice cards, you could just create one active question.

I had to do multiple-choice on several occasions and (after failing once) never used it as a format for my flashcards again. Which I do not regret.

Of course I neither can nor want to force you to stop using multiple-choice. If you have good reasons to do so, feel free to ignore my post (or even better, share them).

For the feature you are proposing I suggest making the answers shuffle every time they get shown in the queue. So the first time you review it A) might be Brain, the second time it might be Liver. This prevents recognising the answer by its position.


You can already do this, just create a rem with multiple lines via shift+enter, add X or O appropriately, cloze them and merge clozes.

You may also add anything extra (reasons for the other choices being wrong and the correct choice being right) as a child tagged with ##Extra Card Detail under the rem, and it will appear when answered.


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I actually agree with everything that you said, and I write most of my flashcards to engage that active recall. However, I still feel like there are instances where multiple choice questions could work for me personally. For example, nephritic syndromes in medicine all sound similar with the exception of 1 or 2 unique features for each. I like to do “match the feature to nephritic syndrome”-type flashcards to very rapidly remind myself what makes each nephritic syndrome stand out from the other.
Again, thank you for a very thoughtful comment!


That’s a great idea! Thanks

+1 Please implement multiple choice question rems!

I realize it is bad practice to learn that way, however some of my classes are structured that way and it would be amazing not having to use both Anki and RemNote just because of mc flashcards.

The current option (as shown by @UMNiK) does indeed work but multiple choice questions need randomized answer options else they are truly useless.


i have used this way. put the options in /code mode in yaml option.


I am supporting this 100%. It is very true that multiple-choice learning & exams are awful. However, if you have to learn for a mammoth exam that is made of multiple choice questions (as so often these days, especially in North-America) and those questions are known (or you can make them up), it would be nonsense to learn differently. I was also wondering why that feature isn’t implemented yet. Especially, neurodiverse people better study in the manner they will be tested. I think this is a huge accessibility issue as well.

you can make MCQ card by using “shift+enter” in between lines to make it a single card. and at the end type answer>> your answer

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