Multiple duplicates of rems when using Paste Markdown format

Lately, I’ve been adding a lot of literature to my knowledge base. To structure the metadata of PDFs, I use this: GitHub - ft-fk/CSL-Remnote: CSL (citation language style) to cite document from Mendeley/Zotero in Remnote-Md

This basically make the bibliography of a paper look like this :

Science and Complexity, Weaver, [[Issued/1948]]

        Weaver, 1948              
[[People/Authors/Weaver, Warren]]
[[Issued/1948]], in [[Journals/American Scientist]]      

This means that Weaver, Waren should be a rem added and nested under a pre-existing rem called Authors.

However, every time I add a new paper, a new instance of Authors, People, and the authors’ name (if already exist) is created… why?

I have to constantly merge my KB. Any idea what’s going on?

This is the result of this … “stub” “stub” “stub” after each merge manipulation

Am I the only one with this issue?

Friend, I live with so many bugs daily! It’s a user’s life! I still have your problem too, but I stopped caring. I’ve been waiting for several months to fix the bugs, but for months I don’t have news or expectations. I only stay here for a program feature that helps me with my studies. Other than that, I would have already gone to obsidian.

thanks for responding
maybe the 1.4 version corrects this