My CSS codes for tables don't work as before

Hello! I don’t know if I didn’t search well, but I can’t find a topic similar to this one. I just logged into RemNote after two months away, and I noticed that my tables that were made with CSS code no longer work as before (attached is a screenshot of my screen).
Also I have noticed that the colors of the CSS code no longer appear and it looks all black (I have already checked that the code is well written, I have not modified it for months).
Any suggestions or changes lately that I haven’t noticed?

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1.8 changed some things around, so if your snippet uses some older selectors, it won’t work until it gets updated by the author.

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I have the same problem , there is nothing that I could do? Or I may just wait the author to update update it?

it looks like we can only wait for the codes to be updated :c

thank you very much!

Reportedly, this table implementation works on 1.8 - Modern Table Row

Hi I’m having a problem with custom CSS it doesn’t work on my remnote. I have copied the modern table row and columns and also the codes for kanban tables.I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Could someone give me a tutorial on how to use this properly? P.D. The codes I’m trying to use are from @Browneyedsoul
Thanks :blush:

Hey, @Natalia_Med Thanks for reaching!

Which remnote version and css code are you using?

Did you check this page?

It works as expected in my KB.


Thanks for answering!!
I’m using the newest RemNote version I think it is 1.8. It’s the one.
Regarding the CSS code I’ve copied the code from your your Github page but I doesn’t work.
I have the code but when I tag it the page doesn’t apply said code.
I’ve tried to explain it the best I can. (English isn’t my first language)

Haha don’t worry Me either :slight_smile:

I guess you have to use instead. The is beta version of 1.8 so somethings were changed in the meantime.



I’m trying on the normal website and it doesn’t work :weary: :weary:

I’m using your Modern Kanban, Kanban 2, Modern Table row and Modern table column codes. Do they need other codes to work?
I think I should delete all the codes I have and try again.

This is what I was explaining earlier

Got it

You typed wrong tag name. please check the right tag in the README page.

That must solve your problems :slight_smile:




That’s on your Github page? Sorry I’m just confused.

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I can now use the kanban and table CSS. I wasn’t tagging it correctly.

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