My knowledge base is missing

I recently download RemNote. However after two weeks of using it, my knowledge base is gone when I opened my RemNote desktop version. How will I recover it? It says 404 missing page. Please help me! I really need my rems.

You can open RemNote on browser, i think browser is more stable than Desktop.
You can try open Trash? In Settings => Account => Trash…

I am also having this problem and it is REALLY concerning. It happened to me when I was doing the flashcards from a specific folder. When I tried to go back to my Rem documents they ALL showed this error. Please help as I am relying on Remnote for professional school.

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Do you reload RemNote? After that, Can you find these rems anymore?

I restarted the desktop app and they came back. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

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The only thing I can think is to wait for the BIG 1.4 update, It should arrive within 2 weeks…

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