My Rem Note flash cardes doesn't show all the answers

I use the snapshot option in pdf to collect my desired answers in place of just retypting them in my flashcards system but when I want to revise them I get annoyed that not all the snapshots I prepared appear until I press the edit option so I can access them again but then when I press done editing it goes right away to another flashcard without saving my performance my question is how to see all the snapshots or answers you previously prepared in a list format related to a certain question without pressing the edit option ???
thanks in advance

The size of the Queue window is fixed + response buttons are now bigger. So, if you list is longer you may have to manually scroll to see bottom most items in your list. Can this be the case here?

If I remember correctly, in the previous version it used to auto-scroll

I can’t scroll down and not all snapshots appear until I press edit the rem now
Maybe i should try to minimize the size of my snapshots and cluster them so they can fit in the limited space of the answer
Thank you anyway