My Remnote keeps on deleting notes

Hi, I noticed recently that my remnote keeps on randomly deleting my notes. Is there a bug or something? Will this be fixed soon? Is there a solution to this? I would not want to change a software that I have been using for quite some time.

Hello, Sarah.

I understand your frustration. This was happening to me in November and December last year and these are some stuff I did to fix them:

  1. Restores all of my rems from the trash.
  2. Clear my browser’s, laptop’s and phone’s cookies and caches.
  3. Remove all unsecure links on my Remnote (may contain virus or too many ads, I think is an issue haha)

After I have done those, my Remnote stabilised and it did not delete anything for the past 5 months. Remnote is such a superior platform compared to Simplenote, Notion, Evernote, Tettra and ProofHub. This is after 9 years of experimenting on different platforms and I think Remnote is the best out of all due to the note-linkage and stuff. Please try to fix your issues as to what I suggested above and observe the results.

Remnote works wonders and I think you should stick to it. Just be patient and try the above method. Would hate to see people using a different platform as this is the best. Please let me know if you require any other assistance

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i personally agree with taylor on this. try those steps and add on one more step which is reinstalling remnote across all your devices. the attach unsecure links thing is true and u can remove any links that are not secure (especially applicable if you save porn links dont ask how i know). but yeap, thats abt it, after clearing cache and cookies across all my devices, removing all the unsecure links and reinstalling remnote, the deletion thingy doesnt happen. try it. taylor is right.

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this has happened to me before but because i love remnote and its stuff within it especially its portal, references, the spaced repetition features and all. i suggest u to follow the steps given by the other two users.

for me, i did those steps and reinstall again across all my devices (web, desktop, android and samsung tabs). after 9 months, all is good and well. no issues at all. even the mobile application of remnote is great as they can sync across every device with no issue at all. the only think i hope they would integrate the calendar features to remnote but i think, it is in development soon enough.

i did consider switching to evernote before but it is subpar as opposed to remnote. evernote is pretty but the interface is difficult to manage and the portals and referencing are not available. and i noticed after a few weeks experimenting on evernote, my notes still get deleted randomly if my internet connection is not stable or anything. it is still bad if you are in an area with limited internet (i live in delhi) as sometimes your notes will not be available and saved. the mobile app for evernote is not stable too where i sometimes can’t sync my data across my devices. the free version has no access to any calendar features as well so minus so many points for evernote.

i did experiment on Simplenote too but it is even worse. it crashed a lot of times and the user interface is so bad. it also loads really slowly and hangs quite frequently. not to mention that it drains so much of my battery.

so verdict is, better to use remnote and troubleshoot your problems. after clearing all caches and cookies, the usage will be smoother. evernote sucks, simplenote is even worse. remnote is far superior especially in terms of managing notes, journalling, life and knowledge.

Hi Kaylani!

I completely agree with your verdict on Evernote. I had the same issues before and when I tried to post it on their forum, the Evernote team did not approve on my content? I guess it is a way of them hiding the fact that they are still a lot of bugs to platform. At least at Remnote, you can post anything on their forum without the need of team approval so we can discuss our issues openly with all users. With Evernote, they seemed to hide their issues by gatekeeping everything from the public eye’s views. One of the reasons why I don’t use Evernote now. When Evernote deleted my notes, I could not even retrieved my deleted notes at all. It was really frustrating. At least at Remnote when it occured last time, I managed to retrieve everything back.

Simplenote is still shaky in my opinion. The platform’s loading time is really bad, annoying and slow.

I agree with you on Remnote is much more superior and I love every aspect of it. Especially its portal and referencing. The calendar integration is on its way if I am not mistaken.

Overall, Sarah, I think you should stick with Remnote.

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same issues for me as well for evernote, i could not retrieve the deleted notes. the forums are not helping as well. here, we have people like you to help out other users

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Please contact support using the “Message Support” button accessible from the ? button in the lower right of the app.