My workflow using voice dictation with remnote

Workflow using voice dictation with remnote

I’m increasingly using Voice dictation and scribble to populate my Remnote. Below is my workflow with custom commands.

Custom command: I’ve created the following custom command to get the ? and :: symbols to make a REM. I’ve named it as “REM that”.

Usage: After dictating the concept or descriptor I simply say”REM that”, and it types out the symbols and converts my sentence into the forward card of my Rem.

Issues: I can’t get the voice dictation to work for the following use cases

  • to activate the context menu with /
  • create a newline with bullet point
  • activate the tag text box after dictating two hash symbols (I had even created a custom command for double hash. It types it out but doesn’t bring up the tag box.)

Hardware: iPad Pro
OS: iOS14