Navigate portals on the fly?

This would greatly speed up my writing: is there a way to navigate the KB on the fly to create portals, the same way it is possible to do with links?

In plain : if you type [[ then the name of the parent of a specific rem, you can TAB to navigate the children of the parent-rem you typed. E.g. : [[thermodynamic →TAB→ Boyle’s law
This is useful when you don’t remember exactly the name of the thing you want to reference, but know the logical structure of where it should be found.

What I want to achieve : CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER → name of the parent → TAB → navigate children.

(in practice I’m putting in the rem to-do, all my to-dos. I would like to have portals in the rems of my projects pointing toward these to-dos, stored in the rem “todo”. All my to-dos stored in the same rem “todo” allows me to reorganize them and plan my day of work, that’s why I’m not simply using the references at the bottom of the todo page. Therefore I would like to ctrl+shift+enter “todo”, tab, and find the project A)

Is there a workaround?

You can add portal on the fly using the shortcut Ctrl + S. It is just like [[ for references

brillant, once again you saved me countless minutes of finicky navigation, thanks mate! :+1:

To be clear, this focuses the bottom “Add a portal” search bar (which is why the hierarchical search works), which will add a portal when completing the search by pressing enter. No idea why there can’t also be hierarchical search inside the ctrl+shift+enter portals.

@UMNiK, yes, I do agree with you. It is already implemented for the [[, why not do it for the portals on the fly. It would be more consistent for UI experience to be able to do both the same way

However, I’m already happy that it is feasible with a simple shortcut :slight_smile: