New PDF annotator. cannot copy and paste images from pdf anymore


I used to be able to select a part of a PDF as an image and then paste it into my notes and that would hyperlink to the original document. I can make the selection but it copies it as a pin rather than as an image like it use to. is there a way to copy it as an image anymore?


Hey, we haven’t changed anything here:

Make a highlight and press enter to copy as a pin or CMD/Ctrl + C to copy as a Rem Reference (highlight text)

Hey actually, i couldn’t use the Ctrl+c to copy picture on pdf anymore. Maybe it’s a bug. Could you please double check it. Thank you


it used to be the case that the pop up window would open up and I would choose “” and then paste in the image in my notes.

now when you select an area that pop up window does not open anymore, instead, I just press command + C and paste into my notes. you can also adjust the size of the selected area or move it around and it will update that selection in my notes (which is really cool). however I cannot seem to delete the selection if I don’t want it anymore, or at least I have not figured out how to do it yet.

if you could annotate with a pen tool directly on the pdf that would be really good. Perhaps that will be in the next update…

I am only getting the pin when copied into rem the text is not showing up. The pin does go back to the pdf but the actual text is not there. Any issues with using a MAC