New Power-up: Archive

Folders and documents in RemNote can use power-ups (ie. tags that apply special effects) like ‘Automatically Sort’, to augment their contained Rem. I propose a new power-up: ‘Archive’.

Power-up: Archive

When a document or folder is powered up with Archive, it would exile all of its Rem from the database, including documents, concepts and flashcards. Rem would disappear from the queue, portals wouldn’t retrieve them, references wouldn’t navigate to them, and search results would not contain them. This would allow for:

  • Students to bulk pause their flashcards
  • Users to distinguish between active/inactive projects and dated material, as per PARA

…all the while preserving the notes in their original form, ready to return on your call.

Q: Is this concept of archiving useful for many people? If it is, what are the current workarounds?

While the current menu-bar power-up allows for three sections in your menu-bar - Pinned, Draft, Finished - they cannot themselves be powered-up. If they could, ‘Archive’ could be one such status.

I like the idea. But to be honest, if we had a good way of moving content between knowledgebases (like a robust export of parts of a KB), I would be happy with the simpler solution of moving these things to a different KB.


Released just one day after this post, the March 23th update of RemNote 1.3 has introduced a power-up for folders to suspend all the contained flashcards.

Fig. 1: RemNote 1.3 release with new folder power-up for suspending flashcards

Also within the release is more granular control for shifting Rem in and out of RemNote, which may please @helado and provides a workaround for those wishing to archive certain portions of their database. Quote:

“Added document/Folder-level JSON export & import.” (RemNote 1.3, Bug Fixes)

These two new additions leave only exiling Rem from search results missing from this Power-Up: Archive idea. However, as Helado suggests, most people may be satisfied with the ability to export certain portions of their database, even if those Rem can’t be edited in the interim. Personally, then, this seems like a solid compromise.

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Yes, I am sorta happy with the new ability to export a single document. Now, it seems when importing you get duplicates of everything, right? I wish there was an option to merge, replace, or something. Manual merge is fine (much better than risking doing the wrong thing).

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@Mr_Winawer on Discord reminded that Rem can be made /private, which removes them from search results, as well as hides them visually. Exports aren’t affected, though, and there isn’t a fool proof way to track the private Rem.