New UI breaks CSS?

If I’m understanding CSS all breaks down and can’t be customized - #8 by TaQuangKhoi correctly, it’s now necessary to either manually update custom CSS classes somehow or wait until RemNote creates new user-friendly classes. Do I have this right?

I have only a beginning knowledge of CSS and I am not interested in learning more CSS right now or screwing around with this to restore my settings. Can I uninstall the new RemNote and re-install the older version so I can have my CSS back? Will this corrupt the database or have some other unforeseen technical problem?

The only possible problem is some CSS not working since its selectors fail to match anything. The new update automatically disabled everything in the top level of your Custom CSS rem, try turning things back on and see if they broke.

OK, thanks very much, UMNiK. Some things broke, but the highlight colors and font settings seem to be working, and that’s what was bothering me most.