New update : be careful


I am just sharing my experience to help you not to fall in the same trap.

So there is an update of Remnote on the Playstore… don’t install it if you have data to sync.

After updating I got a remnote version which is like the web version but where most of the files are missing.

Nothing has been synchronized I lost the reviews of all the flashcards that means the 19 days I had to sync.

I don’t know how to get things back. I was not able to make a backup before : It was not possible to do any kind backup on the phone for unknown reasons. It just didn’t load. I had mentioned it to support but didn’t get an answer about it.

I just emailed support as I do for all the bugs since 19 days.

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Update : my Medicine folders still contain only one file over the dozens of files and folders it had.
I’ll update if things change in the future. I hope things are getting to be fixed. I didn’t find any similar app so I still think Remnote has the best concept.

You were right to contact support, as this forum is for and by users. You may also try the steps from