"Next Day Starts At"

First post on here so I want to start off by saying that I praise the Gods everyday that I discovered Remnote and congrats on the launch guys!


The current way that the Remnote SM-2 algorithm is set up seems to be that the intervals are based strictly on the raw number of hours that you set. (For example, If your first learning phase interval is set to 1 day that card would show up in exactly 24 hours after you hit “good”). However, with Anki there is a feature that allows you the start the next day at a certain time after midnight (I have mine set to 4 a.m.) so that all of the cards due that day show up at that time. I like to do all of my reviews in the morning so that feature is very helpful. But the way that Remnote is set up currently there is no “next day starts at” feature (at least not one that I can find). So, for example, if I make a new card at 11 a.m. and review it at 3 p.m. and mark it “good”, it would show up 3 p.m. the next day. However, with this same scenario in Anki the card would show up whenever the “next day starts at” is set to. For people who like to get all of their daily reviews done in the morning (or at any consistent time) this feature is really nice and I would love it see it in a future update!

Never thought about that. This feature seems essential!

Actually it is essential. At least for me this is the only reason why i cannot leave Anki and start using exclusively RemNote for my uni study.

If I understand correctly, this is also the way that RemNote works (without the option to customize the start-time yet).

The current “start of next day” cutoff is currently set to 4AM in your local timezone. Every day, at 4AM, the queue scans through and finds any cards that will appear within the following 24 hours, and brings them into your queue. This means that your cards will not sporadically pop-up throughout the day. When you load the queue in the morning, you’ll see everything you need for the day.

Is this what you were hoping for? If so, did we mislead you in the tool about how the scheduling worked?