Next Release Update?

Please can you give an update on when the next RemNote update will be? And what can we expect in that release?


Many people have pressed this issue in the discord. So far the progress is halted. The clearest answer that we got is “soon”.

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All I know is it is supposed to be a redesign of the app. The have bee hints but I’m not certain what that entails

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Thanks, both.

I’ve read for weeks/months now that an update is coming ‘soon’. I read they’re working on the UX of RemNote (which is welcomed), but I’d like to know if they’re also working on bug fixes and some new features.

Obsidian is currently the poster child of PPK; I’ve noticed many people migrating from Roam Research to there. They’ve released an Android and iOS app, and the Community is active in terms of producing plugins.

I like RemNote (Life Long Learner here), but I feel progress has become stale… here’s a suggestion to the RemNote team. Why don’t you make a short trailer for the next release of RemNote. If it includes the new UX, it will give users a preview of this to will get everybody excited.


Yes many of us from Roam are there on Obsidian & there is even a specific channel for those of us there. As you have said very active community as well as development

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I am really concerned, I’m seeing several bugs not fixed anymore or not even answered. No more update since march (march!) , no new features… no communication!
I am wondering how many people are still paying “just” for pdf + alias ?
In january I wanted to go full remnote with the life long learning but hesitated because of instability and bugs… 7 months later Remnote is still an unfinished product!
Are they still hiring? any roadmap? any schedule?
I felt in love with Remnote but watching all those other app growing is making me reconsidering my choice, am I the only one frustrated here?


They’re saying in Discord that the update is coming soon.


Yeah… a huge update is comming… and the big update takes time, so… we are wating for them…


I asked a similar question just last week and got crickets from the RemNote team.

The go-to line, “big update is coming soon”, has been used for the past few months, and it starting to feel like a cliche the number of times it’s been used.

I’m sure I’ll welcome this big update once it’s deployed but RemNote team, come on, communicate with your paying customers. Do a minor deployment to at least fix some known bugs, or do a video talking about the soon to come big update… do something!

I’m in a position where Obsidian could become my PKM ‘home’ for several reasons: interface design, plugins, the iOS app, the Community … but I like RemNote, and want to stay there… So RemNote, give me a reason to stay!


The team is very good and the tool is already very functional even with the bugs. So, let’s wait because great time is coming for Remnote.


I really hope not since I like it more than other system.


Yeah, the reference class of startups that drop their regular product cycle isn’t great… I’ll hold off from recommending RemNote to friends for now.


I have this concern also.

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Hi there,

I am also facing problems for the last couple of weeks, every time I email them they respond to me back please wait patiently. I guess Remonte is having a Partnership conflict between all stakeholders and the is really not that easy to gain consumers’ trust, I would ask responsible fellows to take care of the issue with the highest care, not just sending an email with an apology for delay fixing.

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Hey everyone!

We understand and hear your concerns about the product. I think it’s totally fair to feel this way from a user standpoint.

Quoting from one of our replies to a concerned user (for more visibility) :

Yes, we haven’t released an update for a few months and that’s highly unlikely of RemNote’s usual “Build fast, ship fast” nature.

I would like to take a moment and address why it has been so:

  1. Until April 2021, we were entirely bootstrapping and RemNote was built and designed (majorily) by a single developer.
  2. Thanks to the Public Launch and massive support from the users since Jan 2021, we were able to envision a much larger dream for RemNote and have since then transitioned into a Startup (from being a single developer product).
  3. This transition is the major reason, as to why we couldn’t maintain our beloved shipping schedule. Our founding team, had to go through an intensive phase of hiring, fundraising and company building and this was lead by our CEO/Co-founder Martin, who also happened to be the sole developer until a few months ago.
  4. As our sole developer had to lead RemNote through these transitional stages, we found it hard to build and ship as much as we used to and that resulted in a ghost town-isque update log.

Now, for some good news :

  1. Since April, we have been expanding rapidly and we now have a team of 11 talented members who are engineers, designers, product lead, support, community, marketing, content etc., (we are still actively hiring for other roles)
  2. We have also been working on a complete revamp of the Product for the past two months and hope to push the update real soon. It’s right around the corner, for the first beta release of the new app.
  3. Regarding concerns if RemNote is dying: I understand why it might make a fellow user think so, because of no big features since the last big update in January. But, this redesign is only the beginning of our very long commitment to build an innovative and robust PKM/Learning tool. Until a few months ago, we were fully bootstrapped, and now that we have backing, we are strapping ourselves for the long run and are committing to it through the Redesign. We did anticipate this reaction from the users, and still prioritised the Redesign over other exciting features that we have in stock, because we wish to commit big and start fresh.
  4. If you have been following the updates in this market space, you will realise that we were much ahead of our competitors in terms of features, and hence we used this leeway to quickly catch up with design (UI and UX) related issues. We are noticing that other products in this space are finally catching up with us, and with the Redesign almost over, the timing can’t be better!
  5. Following a series of quick redesign updates, we will be resuming our renowned Shipping Schedule, and we can’t wait to ship all the exciting features that we have in stock for you guys (oh, and don’t forget a fully revamped mobile experience along with the iOS app)

Let me also take this opportunity to extend a really huge thank you from the entire team for all the patience shown by our wonderful community of users, influencers and supporters. We are definitely in for the long game (we also have an exciting news that we wish to share with all our users after the redesign update), and if constant shipping of new features is what our users want - we are bringing it back, with a bang!

See you all soon, with the update <3


With regards to what’s coming:

  • The entire app and all it’s components are getting a major facelift UI wise
  • We are revisiting some of our core UX/workflows and reworking them in order to make the app as easy as possible to start using, for a new user.
  • We are adding some new features that make the whole UX better, but no game-changing features are being released with this upcoming update (they will come following the update)
  • We are coming up with a hybrid roadmap idea, that will be made public. There have been a tremendous amount of feature requests from all channels and we would like to communicate with our users regarding the direction of progress, moving forward, and involve our users more from now on. We are trying to embrace the “building in public” format, but it’s definitely WIP for now.
  • The core changes that we make during this redesign push, will give us the ground to build our future mega features :slight_smile:
  • A TON of bug fixes have been done already and we are still fixing more, so that the redesign comes as polished as possible (includes existing bugs + new bugs introduced by the redesign).

Reason why we haven’t pushed mini updates with bug fixes is because some of the core elements are changing and hence it would be a waste of engineering time, trying to fix something that is going to get a facelift and might not need fixing anymore.


Good news, New roadmap!:slight_smile:


Thanks for the status update and preview of things to come.

If my RemNote fuel tank was running low, it’s now been filled back up!


Really appreciate the patience and support from you guys!

The reason why we are not stating an actual date, yet is because we don’t want to put too much pressure on the engineering team and designers. The redesign is coming out really well, but we feel it’s still not there yet, and hence testing and implementing new iterations.

After the admin duties were over, we all got together and went through an intensive phase of feedback collection from our communities, understanding pain points and then thinking through the product from first principles. This almost took us a month to brainstorm together, and come to a consensus on different design proposals. Once we were confident with the major direction, implementation started and our engineers have been hard at work since then. They have been clocking almost 10-15 hr sprints everyday since then, with the motivation that our users should enjoy a fresh new app that’s easy to use, feels good, looks modern and doesn’t have a long learning curve.

There’s one thing we can promise though, this is only the beginning for RemNote, as a company, and along with our redesign launch, we will be releasing a more detailed Vision statement. We really can’t wait to share all this with you guys. Like everyone here, we are excited and impatient as well, but we are doing our best to hold back and make sure we deliver a quality product, so that we can focus more on expansion and feature building later on.


Ballers! Makes sense to prioritise a round of fundraising and hiring to support a more ambitious vision. Pumped for the redesign and getting back to schedule!