No local daily backups anymore

It seems that the new version of RemNote Windows desktop app doesn’t make local daily backups anymore. I found there hasn’t been any daily backups in my database folder since Martch 5th. Some of my friends also encounter this isssue.


By the way, though I’m using a local databse, an account with RemNote pro subscribtion has been logged in.

It was advised to take this discussion here.

A friend on discord @lovedebug is also concerned about backup trigger conditions of online database.

  1. The backup time are different for each day, and someday it have 2 backups, so what’s the condition to trigger a auto backup?

  2. The page shows “Backups are captured daily and retained for at least 14 days.” But there are more than 14 days backups showing in this page.

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Me too. No automatic backup files any more after March 5th, pro user, win 10 desktop, local knowledge base.

If it is intended to do so, pro users should be alerted with a clear warning.

Good catch. Mine stopped on March 6th

Did you report on Github?

Just trying to figure out backups. I noticed text or md do the daily documents but not the text in Top-Level Rems or Childs at the top. Is my best method the JSON? Whatever that is? Any advice on best files to backup so in the worse case I have a copy.

This should be fixed, can someone check and revert please?

Thanks for pointing it out.
I did get a new backup yesterday (first time in a while).
It’s just 42kb though (my KB was 2MB before)…

I added that to my github issue:

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could you try and use that backup to restore as a separate local KB, to see if all the data is present? Really appreciate the efforts here.

Also are all of you having this issue on the Windows app? The Mac app has been consistently dishing out backups.

No, I wouldn’t trust risking my data doing such a test. Sorry.

Mine is windows. I updated my ticket in github with that info.

I just realized I made a mistake when checking the backups.
I actually haven’t got any new backups since March 6th 2021.

My mistake was that I ordered the backup files by name instead of by date. So a few backups from 2020 appeared on top of the March ones. Sorry for that :stuck_out_tongue: (at least this explains the drastically different file size - so no issues in that regard)

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Not sure which mac app you are using but mine also stopped daily backups since 5th March. The only backups it does is to the ‘files’ folder with the images and pdf there but not ‘backups’ folder.

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We have been able to find the problem, and it will be fixed in the next update :slight_smile:
Thank you all for reporting so actively and being patient!