No Memory of Expanded/Collapsed State of Rems Anymore

RemNote used to “remember” what the expanded/collapsed state of a certain parent rem and its child and/or “grandchild” rems used to be when zoomed in or zoomed out.

To explain this better, here’s an example of what this used to look like:

When zoomed out
A parent rem named A has child rems b, c, and d, which in turn have child rems of their own - say, x, y and z respectively. Child rems b, c, and d are collapsed so their child rems (x, y and z respectively) are not visible.


When zoomed in to A
(Child) rems b, c and d are expanded so that their child rems (x, y and z respectively) are visible.


Different expanded/collapsed states when zoomed in vs. when zoomed out - as in the example above - were preserved earlier. However, now, if you collapse (/expand) b, c and d when zoomed into A, they also become collapsed (/expanded) when you zoom out of A.

Edit: Linking the comment where I explained this much better ↓

Thanks for taking the time to read this! :slight_smile:

Device Specifications

  • OS: MacOS Monterey v12.0.1
  • Browser: Safari, v15.1
  • NOT on the desktop app.

i tried doing this now with version 1.5, remnote seems to do what you’d like it to do as described

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Just updated to 1.5 but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

See here - the steps I took in order are:

  1. I collapsed b, c and d, so that their child rems are not visible anymore.
  2. I zoomed into parent A, and expanded b, c and d.
  3. When I zoomed out again, b, c and d are expanded again (step 1 was not preserved).


What I want is for them to stay expanded when I zoom into A, but preserve their collapsed state from step 1 when I zoom out of A into the Test document.


oh sorry, i misunderstood. what you have in the gif is what I thought you were asking about.

Hey Anisha!

Thanks for the detailed report and apologies for not getting back sooner. This is a change we made consciously in the expand, collapse logic. The aim was to reduce complexity for users. Is this affecting your workflow a lot? Kindly leave a Feature Request in which will allow us to gauge how many users actually need this feature. We are also thinking about bringing this back but haven’t figured an easy way that doesn’t complicate things for new users.