No more pop up when hovering over links

Placing the cursor over links no longer displays contents. I need to right click and select “show content”.

For example if I have NSAIDs page as “NSAIDS:: Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs” in the past hovering my cursor over [[NSAIDS]] would allow me to see everything however now I am not able to. Even right clicking doesn’t allow me to see it I would need to right click and select “show content”. My entire work space is based around this, I hope there can be a solution to revert back to the old RemNote 1.3 style for this aspect

Have you turned on this Preview Rem Descendants on Hover ?

Once you do that, hove should look like this

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Thanks, @liberated_potato :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve been asking myself the same question.

But, on old version, when I hovered over a bullet it also displayed a preview of its contents.
Thinking if there is a way that we can do this on the new version?

As far as I know, the hover over bullet feature got removed as part of the redesign ( unless they decide to bring it back). Not sure if there is a way other than expanding your rem.