Not able to activate window with click for MacOS desktop app

When I in a different app (e.g. Chrome) and click to activate the RemNote window, it doesn’t activate. In order to activate the window so that I can type, I need to Cmd+Tab to the window.
App Version 1.7.6

Current Scenario 1:
On youtube in Chrome
Click on RemNote Application window
Not able to type

Current Scenario 2:
On Youtue in Chrome
Cmd + Tab to RemNote Application
Able to type

Expected behavior:
Able to type with both scenarios

… This is a bug that happens about 50% of the time

Here is a screen capture showing that it happens occassionally

Seems like this is a Chrome issue. Switched browsers and it’s working well

Please report any bugs using the “Report Bugs” button accessible from the ? button in the lower right of the app.