Offline app doesn't work to recover database

I’am concerned about my data :

  • First I understand I need to trust RemNote, but it will be really usefull to have cypher block (with password), I understand that this will not be searchable

  • I backed-up my knowledge base and was surprise I can’t read it with the application on a off-network computer.

  • The app to be runned need to connect to internet. So It must say that I you are offline, I can’t install the app and work on my database. This is a big problem !! Even with a local one !

  • Finally it seems you need to clarify your export option, they are not exploitable except if you are a developers. The minimum would be to produce a ZIP file with markdown or html and include correctly the attachments. (maybe you could limit it to one by month, cause I understand it will cost bandwitch and cpu)

Kind regards,

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