Oh - my images are just placemarkers

So I started using RemNote 1.3 desktop app on my LAPTOP a couple of months ago. I created some revision cards that included images.

I subsequently install the Desktop App on my DESKTOP PC, and over the last couple of days both have updated to Ver 1.4.7.

The issue I have is that although the images are shown on the LAPTOP Desktop App, remote.io, remote.io.beta (using Google), they do not show in the Desktop App on my DESKTOP PC, but rather as ‘place holders’

I should be getting
but all I’m getting is

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong???


the first thing you can always do is reinstall the app and sync your account again; do check whether it works

I uninstalled the Destop App on my PC and re-installed it. Same issue - images still appear as place markers :frowning:


DO you use RemNote on Web browser? It think everything in web is more stable than on desktop for now…
You can try option Force Sync All Files in Setting (you can search for this setting on setting page)

After re-installing the Desktop App, the suggestion Force Sync All Files in Setting worked. I have my images back. :smiley:

Many thanks