One click editing from queue

I would like one click editing in the queue. Editing from the queue is part of my work flow. I got the habit of editing from the queue from being able to edit in Anki from the review screen with the add on “edit field during review”. It is not just for correcting typos and changing the content of the card. For example, in the queue, I like to bold key words so when I see the card next time there is a little less cognitive load on understanding what the card is about. In Anki, during the review you can just click on a word and start formatting. However, in remnote there is an extra step involved because you first have to go to the edit screen. Even in Anki, before the “edit in review” add on there was only two steps for editing, but with the add on that was reduced to one step, which made a big difference.

Here is a link to a similar post: Better way to fix typos in the queue

I agree, @roon11. Editing from the queue is something that was possible using the Roam SR JavaScript plug-in for Roam Research and I found it very helpful—there was less friction when editing blocks.

Nevertheless, RemNote is much more powerful and a cleaner experience for spaced repetition purposes, but I feel like it would be a nice ability to have in the current system.

I imagine that it would be like a portal. We would be able to expand and collapse blocks, etc.

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Update: this feature is available under Settings > Labs > Experimental Queue Buttons

In the queue, a button will appear that will give you additional options, one being “Peek at context document.” This will let you edit the document easily without losing too much focus.

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That is what I have been doing. But it is still one step too many. It disrupts the work flow

Very true @roon11, there could be less friction