One thing to be aware of when entering a snippet into Custom CSS interface

When you’re typing a snippet in Custom CSS interface, it’s a good idea to make the to-do item of the snippet unchecked. Wait until you’ve entered all the snippet completely, then switch states.

Why is that?
A complete, error-free CSS snippet can help you achieve the desired effect, but before the snippet becomes complete, the “broken” snippet can sometimes achieve some effects, but they are not the desired ones.

Let me tell you an interesting story.

I was going to enter the following snippet to make the Queue interface cleaner

div. remHierarchyTop {
display: none;

I started by copying parts of the other snippets as follows

display: none;

There seems to be no problem. Isn’t it?

Next, I’m going to enter the rest of the snippet in order:

div. remHierarchyTop

When I type into


the whole code looks like this:

div. rem {
display: none;

Suddenly I felt like I had nothing.

Although you can use Ctrl+Z to cancel the last input, I recommend caution.


Yea, I got into similar situation once :sweat_smile:

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