Opening and closing all toggles at once

I’m not sure if this a feature exists but as someone who relies on Remnote to make flashcard like notes, sometimes instead of doing flashcards, I sometimes like to view all toggles at once. Sometimes the toggle closes itself when I exit the page and it can be really inconvenient individually opening/ closing each toggle. It would be awesome to highlight all toggles and open/close at once.

This is already possible in two ways:

  1. Clicking the lines before Rems to collapse hierarchies at the desired hierarchy level:
    Expand and collapse via indentation line in addition to parent arrow - #2 by ognsya

  2. Keyboard Shotcuts can also be used at Rem level (place cursor inside Rem at the desired hierarchy level) or Document Level (place cursor in the Document’s title) to expand and collapse:

A feature-request for having this done automatically can be voted for here: Power-up tag to automatically collapse rems

Hope this helps. :upside_down_face: Moving this to Community Q&A.