Opening PDF in split view results in continuous refreshing with windowed panes

When using the pdf functionalities in RemNote 1.4, the pdf will endlessly reload/refresh if typing is occurring on the other pane in split view.

I do have windowed panes turned on, and when turned off this issue disappears. The PDF I am working with is about 700 pages long, so length may be an issue, however other users have reported the same occurring in the discord with smaller PDF files.


Same issue here, using web version of RemNote 1.4 on Mac.

This bug makes pdf viewer almost unusable…

Temporary solution is to turn off windowed panes until the bug gets fixed.

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I think this problem was caused by the ‘Hide the UI On Interaction’ option. After turning off the option, I can use PDF view in windowed pane.


Hey Everyone! Thanks for reporting this but we are unable to reproduce this internally, could someone share a video of what’s happening and maybe include a link to that PDF here as well for testing?

Thank you!

You’re right, once I turn off the option “Hide the UI On Interaction” the pdf stops reloading when typing.