Option to filter the Documents list (e.g. hide Daily Documents, Emojis, Stubs)

Feels like half my documents are Daily Documents, so I would like to declutter my Documents list with an additional filter:

Might be even more intuitive if the slider is named “Show Daily Documents” and turned off by default?

I also sometimes wish to hide Emoji rems.

Some of us at Discord would like to expand a little on this as well. See this thread if interested in discussion :point_down:

On top of current feature set for the document table & the features suggested above we would like to add these as well :point_down:

  1. Top level rem only (nice to view with or without the stubs)

  2. Tags with ability to filter which would include powerups

    • Possible alternate option is to give the tags their own section with the same abilities listed above

This would make it easier to zoom in on content looking for

Recap of what the document table would look like at that point :point_down:

  1. Show All

  2. Show only Documents

  • Filter out Daily Documents (All Daily Documents or Date Range)
  • Filter Out Emojis
  1. Show only Top-level Rems
  • Filter out Stubs
  1. Show Only Tags
  • Filter out Power Ups
  • Filter out Specific Tags
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I am also a firm believer that what ever can be done on the mouse should also be able to get done on the keyboard

As a result I would like to be able to navigate & select with the keyboard when at document table as well. Currently we can jump to the table (ctl + alt + O) but from that point forward have to hop to the mouse