Option to Separate Review of Due Cards from Review of New Cards

Split New cards and Review cards in Queue, so that you can set how many new cards you want to study rather than just mixed with review cards.

definitely highly useful and needed. A suficient time to study cards first before pushing into reviews would also keep the reviewing schedule more realistic.

It would be great if we could filter out how many of my cards are due and how many of them are new.
So when I wish to study nothing new today, I will only go through the due today cards

(PS. I am not a pro, so pl tell me if we can do it )

In Anki it is possible to first see all of my reviewing cards before I’m shown at any new cards. This helps me not getting completely overwhelmed by trying to learn all new cards before I have even consolidated older cards. Is there a way to show new cards only after the reviewing cards in RemNote?

Please, I am really looking forward to this, can some one from the team, say that they are atleast working on it ?

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Well, this feature may kinda conflict with the way spaced repetition is supposed to work.
Time spent in the queue is definitely valuable.
I can link this to this feature request:

I remember suggesting a “Browse” option to let us see cards. Not really practice them.
Implementing that should help the motive of this feature, that is, if we can sort for, or filter for New Cards.

Side discussion:
A New card is a card with a “weak” rating isn’t it?