Otdering of flash cards

How to make remnote showing me the new flash cards first wheath in queue or in a specific document?


I hope my answer will be of help to you.
This is how I would show the new cards in a specific document. In the document where I typed all my new rem, I select all and move it to the place I want it to go.

The command used for this is CMD (or CTRL) + M.
or CTRL if on Windows

The rems are put into a portal like this.

Then, make it into an embedded queue. And study your new cards~

All new cards will automatically show up in your embedded queue.

The following is another way to do it, but if you’re working inside the same document.

use the command CMD + SHIFT + P
or CTRL if on Windows

The rem you copied as a portal is now ready to paste when you see this.
Screen Shot 2021-04-24 at 19.12.32
This pops up on the top right corner of your screen.

Paste with the paste command. cmd + v

You can keep adding your new cards this way if you want. Then turn into an embedded queue.
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