Outdent Issue - Creating Unwanted Portal

Hi Remnote,

When I want to re-arrange rem in a document, outdenting child rem causes the grandchildren rem to have portal indicators to the information contained in the grandchildren of the previous child rem. I don’t think they are true portals per se, as the information between the chlid and grandchild rem doesn’t appear to be linked or copied, but a “portal” number is visible on the right margin. How can I stop this number from appearing?

For example: Here is original text:

If I alter the headings like this:

  • Indent Heading 1.1 and Heading 1.2 by one tab each, so that they are both child rem to Heading 1;
  • Then outdent Heading 1.2 backwards by one tab place so that it is no longer a child rem of Heading 1, but is a rem in line with Heading 1 and Heading 2;
    this is what occurs:

Can these portal references be removed somehow?

If I do this in a document and notice it straight away, I reverse my changes and try to alter the headings in another way so that the portal numbers don’t occur. However if this change goes unnoticed, which often happens if my headings are collapsed when I am outdenting them, and I haven’t worked out how to remove this portal link once it’s too late to Cntr+Z.

Any help in understanding what is going on with the portal numbers appearing would be appreciated.


It’s a bug rather than intended behaviour, if that’s what you’re asking. Nice job documenting the steps to reproduce!

Thanks @UMNiK for your response. Just an annoyance I’ll live with for the time being then :slight_smile:

Looking for this bug here. Hasn’t been fixed unfortunately.