Paste multiline text into a single rem

I copy and paste pdf texts a lot while taking notes (I do qualitative research). RemNote does not allow me to copy and paste text without having the bullets on - resulting in a copied text broken into many different bullets and me having to re-organize them all. Kindly asking how to copy and paste pdf text in a “normal” way. Thank you.

If I understood you correctly this is not a pdf issue: When pasting RemNote always puts each line on a separate bullet. (I edited the title accordingly.)

I agree though that sometimes this is not preferrable. To fix this we need these commands (Keyboard Driven Workflow and Commands):

  • A command to paste into a single rem, e.g. with shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Alt + V.
    • Or a setting to make this the default, but I personally would not enable this.
  • A command to join a rem with the next or a selection of multiple rem, e.g. with shortcut Ctrl + Shift + J.

You can use this workaround with a /code block in the meantime:


If you use Microsoft edge to view the Pdf you can use
ctrl + V to paste in one line
Ctrl + shift + V to paste in multiple lines

I really appreciate your response - and you corrected me beautifully (title), thank you.
I have tried the shortcuts that you suggested above but I was not successful. I have tried all of them, I wonder what I am missing here…

Thanks for your answer, but it didn’t work…

Sorry, maybe there was a misunderstanding: The commands + shortcuts in the two bullet points do not exist yet. They are suggestions on how to implement this feature exactly.

The trick with pasting into a code block and then copy&paste again should work though.

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Oh I see now. Thks. I still have to find out how to do the code block though. A question, is RemNote designed for, like - more quantitative studies rather than qualitative ones? And intentionally for biomedics students rather than for social science ones? I love the way that RemNote works as our brain (as mentioned in some tutorials) but as a human science researcher, I must say that Rem Note’ functionalities are not so obvious to me and easy to navigate, even though I’m really finding it useful.

You can create code blocks with /code.

I agree: RemNote is quite complex and takes a while to learn. A computer science background certainly helps to grasp some of the features.

The upcoming UI/UX rework should fix a lot of those pain points.

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I wouldn’t say it’s designed for any specific type of research. I believe the “issues” you are currently facing are due to the quite steep initial learning curve. But I think Remnote developers are working on making this onboarding easier.
It takes time to get into Remnote, I still learn stuff after months of practice. But I think it’s also a reflection of how vast the possibilities are with this plateform :slight_smile:


I’m in the same boat and use this workflow to speed things up

  1. Copy and paste into Notepad++
  2. press ctrl-h to open replace menu and enable regular expressions and . as newline (see image)
  3. replace newlines but leave \r(carriage returns behind)
  4. paste into Remnote and everywhere I see a gap(caused by the remaining carriage returns) press ctrl-enter to create a newline without creating a new rem

helps speed things up, if pasting a lot of text, until the commands mentioned above are implemented