Paste new line without creating new rems

I can manually add new line inside a rem with “shift” + “enter”, but is there any way to paste text containing new line characters without creating new rems?

As far as I know there is no inbuilt feature to handle this. This could be a good feature request because I assume a good percentage RemNote users have PDF as part of the workflow. This problem usually happens when copy pasting from PDFs. Also, Roam highlighter has this feature. I am guessing this wouldn’t be too hard to implement. If you are on Windows, there is this solution to avoid the issue in the first place.

Having said that here is a hack

Thank you, that’s too cool!
But just out of curiosity, why does it work? How did you figure it out?

I think it is because of the implementation of the code blocks. A code block occupies one rem but can contain newlines inside the block. So when we paste, everything stays within a single rem. Then when we copy from code block, since we are essentially copying from one rem, while pasting as well RemNote treats it as one rem.

Thanks. It seems like RemNote handles this in a complicated way. I hope this workaround won’t be unavailable by update!

Thanks, this is the best way that i found, unfortunately it is not “plain text format” when you paste it for example into a MS OutLook message.

CTRL+SHIFT+V sometimes works to avoid new lines (but it depends a lot on how the source was formatted).

Thank you for answering. I believe that command pastes text without formatting but don’t remove new line most of the time.