Paste text and images from word processors (MS Word, LibreOffice Writer)

Image lost when paste from MS Word.
Just got the characters without images.
But found that when copy and past image one by one, RemNote gets the image. No idea what happened.

I think copy&pasting mixed content (text + images) from a word processor is just not supported yet, only text/html, text/plain, and images (image/png etc).

LibreOffice Writer stores the mixed tex and images as html like this:

Pasting works at first glance (shows both image and text), but the image in RemNote references a temp images file which will not be available indefinitely. To get the actual image RemNote would need to read the text/rtf type which contains the image as hex string.

Word/Windows might fill the clipboard still differently which can be checked with Clipboard Inspector.

Pasting a single image on the other hand works fine since then the image is stored explicitly as image/png and RemNote handles that well.